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In this feature, we will help you acquaint yourself with some of the finest practitioners of the most thankless task in baseball to ever don the “tools of ignorance” for our beloved Chicago Baseball teams. This week we feature Smoky Burgess. “Smoky Burgess was fat. Not baseball fat like Mickey Lolich or Early Wynn. But […]

Hi. This is a list of word-related butts.

Hey, it’s the offseason. It’s not like there’s news, or important things to talk about. Yet. This is really all Mirriam-Webster’s fault, anyway. I mean, they posted THIS LIST of butt-related words, and expected me to, what, not? Totally unreasonable. Caboose Definition – buttocks Callipygian Definition – having shapely buttocks, “bootylicious” Bumbaste Definition – dialectal, England: to beat on […]

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