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CHECK THE SKEDDY — An Early Look at the 2020 White Sox Schedule

After a seemingly interminable wait, White Sox baseball is back today, with the spring training opener at 2:05 today at Camelback Ranch vs. the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County, California, Unites States of America. Okay, I’m done. …Planet Earth. [dodges several tomatoes thrown at my face] It won’t be long before the […]


It’s everyone’s (well, at least someone’s) favorite time of year, when seasonal projections start coming out. Fangraphs has dropped the ZiPS projections for both the White Sox and Cubs, and as you can guess, the difference in each team’s trajectory shows. Now here is a quick explanation of how these projections are cooked up: Basically, […]

Filled Holes

The White Sox started the offseason with their GM Slick Willy Ricky talking about where improvements needed to be made. He said 2 starters (1 top end and 1 bottom end), RF and DH. Anyone that watched the Sox last year is well aware of the struggle we had at those positions. For starters our […]

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