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Northside Krausencast Episode 6

https://anchor.fm/krausencast/embed/episodes/Northside-Krausencast-Episode-6-emekp9 The four asswholes discuss the awesomeness of the universal DH, Jose Abreau’s MVP, the robbery of Yu Darvish’s Cy Young award, the prospects for the 2021 Cubs, what makes a Cubs fan favorite, and the laws governing the importation of sheeps’ lungs for the purposes of making haggis.

NO ANGELS BEHIND HOME PLATE — White Sox 1, Cleveland 1 (Cleveland wins euchre 4-2 in extras)

With the number of games quickly dwindling down in the regular season, the importance of each ratchets up on a young Sox team leading the division in its first year of its contention window. We’re now seeing how they handle the pressure of a division title race, and apparently Angel Hernandez didn’t handle it all […]

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