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CHECK THE SKEDDY — An Early Look at the 2020 White Sox Schedule

After a seemingly interminable wait, White Sox baseball is back today, with the spring training opener at 2:05 today at Camelback Ranch vs. the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County, California, Unites States of America.

Okay, I’m done.

…Planet Earth.

[dodges several tomatoes thrown at my face]

It won’t be long before the games count for real, and Opening Day is a mere 33 days away. Not that I’m counting or anything. (I’m totally counting)

So, while we Sox writers here at Fully Krausened have spent a lot of time writing about the roster and how much it’s changed this offseason, let’s take a look today at the schedule of games these revamped White Sox will play this season.

The Sox open with a pair of AL Central series, one home and one away. Kansas City comes in on March 26 to begin the 2020 slate for a three game set over four days, before visiting Cleveland. Then, they head to Boston for the Red Sox home opener.

April will see an even split between home and away games (assuming no rain-outs) and four off days. Those off days should make any workload issues for bullpen arms a non-factor, as there will be ample rest days built in early on.

May features seven games against the Orioles, who are, shall we say, not good. The Sox should fatten up on them in May, and the hope is the Sox take 5-6 of those games. The Twins are the only AL Central team the Sox see all May long, but they play 14 games against AL East teams. Fortunately, none of those are against Boston or New York, but the Tampa Bay Rays could be a Wild Card contender, and they visit Sox Park for 3 in early May.

As the calendar flips to June, the Sox will have a chance to fatten up on the bottom-feeders in the AL Central, with 10 games against the Tigers in June alone, as well as another three against the Royals. In total, 19 of the Sox 26 games in June are within the AL Central Divison. This month will go a long way toward figuring out where the team sits in the AL Central hierarchy.

The Sox then get a break from division opponents until after the All-Star break. But July is when both two-game sets of the Crosstown Classic are. The Chicago National League Ballclub comes to the South Side July 7-8, and the Sox make the return trip north on July 20-21. Cable subscribers can watch all four crosstown games on local TV on Comcast SportsNet, in the event Marquee Sports Network are unable to remove their heads from their sphincters before the season begins.

If there’s a month that will truly test the mettle of this young Sox team, it’ll be August, as the Sox will face the Yankees, Indians, Twins, Angels, Red Sox and Trashbangers… I mean, Astros in the dog days of summer. The highlight of the August schedule comes on August 13, when the Sox and Yankees meet in Iowa for the Field of Dreams Classic. It’ll be a huge disappointment of both teams don’t wear 1919 era throwbacks.

Should the Sox remain in contention for a spot in the postseason, they’ll have to be good on the road in September, as they only have 10 home games closing out the season. Three of those 10 games at home will come against a LA Dodgers team that may have already wrapped up the NL West by the time they arrive at 35th and Shields on September 8.

They also will have to visit Oakland, which historically has been a house of horrors for the White Sox over the years. The A’s are planning on building a new ballpark in Oakland, which can’t come soon enough for the White Sox, and their fans.

If all goes well during this 162 game journey, we’ll be able to write another schedule analysis piece in September. For postseason baseball on the South Side.

For now, enjoy spring training baseball. Have a beer.

Pitter patter.

Updated: February 21, 2020 — 11:39 pm

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