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Eh, whatever. White Sox – bunch of home runs. Cubs – Bunch of swing and misses.

One of our White Sox guys, Bob Lanz, wrote this. He couldn’t log in. Probably forgot how to spell ‘2005’ and couldn’t figure out how to rest his password.


Well the Sox cant stop hitting homers or losing 7 game winning streak. its a really good thing cause they haven’t scored a run in the last several games and last 20 + runs without hitting a dinger. Pitching has been solid too. Defense getting it done, Eloy gonna Eloy regardless just don’t get hurt. Speaking of which maybe the baseball gods are done hurting our Sox. Reynaldo and Gio returned from injuries and got it done at times looking brilliant and other times just good enough. Good news they both went 3 innings. Those dingers though wtf. Abreu El Capitan showing why he the man, leading by example. Panterra showing why he gonna be the man. Did i mention this was on the Nord Side of town? Against the Cubbies? Yes yes this is fun Sox fans enjoy! Two down 1 to go! Lets do this.

Da Goodly: Sox bats Sox pitching Sox Sox Sox Abreu tying Magglio for career HR (5th all-time) then surpassing him by 2, then tying Magglio in career multi hr games (3rd all-time) did i mention he hit 3 tonight? 
Da Bad๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค” I guess not scoring any runs without leaving the park quickly? 

Da Fugly: thats just it this is a ting of beauty my frendts. Its a gosh darn gorgeous winning streak. Not to mention beating up on our crosstown rivals, pounding their pitching, in their home park and we still are not at 100% health wise. I say it again Sox fans enjoy this and the tasty salty tears of cub nation. 1 to go lets finish this series with a clean……๐Ÿงน

Updated: August 22, 2020 — 11:15 pm

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  1. Oh Oleg your salty cubby tears are so sweet to my HR loving lips. Thanks for posting pal, 104 more years till the next Cub title. Patience is a virtue and cub fans know it well. Wait till next….century? Lol

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