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Everything Is Stupid. Cubs – 0; Marlins – 2

Jeppson's Malört - Wikipedia
A culinary interpretation of the Cubs offense.

Yu Darvish pitched well. Sixto Sanchez was really good — that kid has a future. However, the lack of a Cubs offense, as has been the case all year, means this is the last recap of the year. My frustration is going to make me put as much effort into this as the Cubs offense has in the last 8 weeks or so.

The Good

Darvish threw 6.2 innings and was unhittable for the first 6. He ended his day with 6 strikeouts and a couple of unfortunate pitches in the 7th, including one to Garrett Cooper that ended up in the bleachers.

The Bad

This game was a pretty good synopsis of the whole year for the offense. They seemed to keep missing some very hittable pitches. The ones they did hit, they hit into the ground and into the shift. Calling this frustrating is an understatement.

All those hittable orange dots in the middle of the plate are strikes.

The Ugly

There are going to be some embarrassing numbers on the back of some baseball cards next to 2020 for some of these Cubs. That bled into the wild card series and well, that’s that.

The Cubs head into the off-season with a more than a few question marks. This is still a core that won in 2016 and are capable of doing it again. I’m sure much more will be said in the coming months but for now, let’s enjoy a shot of Malort because it’s far more pleasant than this shit-for-brains offense.

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  1. I want to engrave this into the sidewalk outside Wrigley Field.

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