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LOCAL GUISE: White Sox 7, Cubs 3


Tonight we finally got non-scrimmage baseball, as the Chicago Cubs and White Sox met for a preseason game in Wrigley Field. We can’t really call it an exhibition game, since it’s not really being exhibited to anyone. At least not in person.

This is the first of two games in two nights between these teams, with tomorrow night’s game being held a few blocks south of Ricobene, home of the breaded steak sandwich.

Let’s get to this:


Jason Kipnis celebrated his contract being selected by the Cubs by depositing a Drew Anderson offering into an unpopulated area in the right field bleachers. I work with a guy who swears Kip (who is rumored to be from the Chicago area) is a Sox killer, but his .704 career OPS against the Sox is almost 50 points below his career total. This is most likely the only time he’ll be here all season, so enjoy the ride, Kip.

Kyle Hendricks looked like, well, Kyle Hendricks for four innings. He started leaving some pitches up in the fifth, and things went pear-shaped pretty quickly. But since it’s a preseason game we can parse it a little, even if it’s his last outing until it’s go-time.

Nico Hoerner drive in a run with an opposite field sac fly, then singled in the fifth. He also put a Baez-like tag on Louis Robert on a steal attempt.


Jharel Cotton was doing his Oprah imitation tonight – You get a double! You get a double! You get a double! You get…a triple! He showed the form that led to his having an ERA over 7 last year. Fortunately, I don’t think David Ross will let him see any high leverage innings.

Anybody else forget Daniel Descalso was a Cub? Those were good times.


Perhaps nobody on the Cubs had a better game than Albert Almora, simply by virtue of Ian Happ approaching drives to center field as if they were swarms of hornets. Happer, I love ya, but you weren’t exactly Griffey out there tonight.

As I said up top, tomorrow night these two teams go at it again tomorrow night down at The Stadium That Should Have Been Named Glen Lerner Field. One of the Sox Otters will write it up.

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