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No Recess: Cubs 5, Kansas City 4

Make that 5 in a row. I guess that’s all that counts. If you figure 32-28 makes the playoffs, the Cubs just need to win 23 of the final 49. Three more home runs. More great starting pitching. And some other stuff.

I decided on a delicious veggie pizza with some added Italian sausage from Serio Pizza on Belmont near Paulina. Washed it down with a few Victory Golden Monkeys. Good shit.

All stats below are from Fangraphs and are current going into tonight’s game. Tonight’s game stats courtesy of Statcast.

The Good:

Man, this offense can rake. They’re second in the NL in HRs, tied with the Reds. If you take out the Phillies and Marlins from the rate stats, the Cubs offense is among the best in the league. In fact, the hitters are 2nd in the NL in WAR to the Dodgers, who played more games to accumulate the stats.

Tonight, home runs from a resurging Jason Kipnis (Cubs 2B are 2nd in the NL in OBP and SLG), Jason Heyward, and insurance from the best offensive catcher in the NL. All in all, they had 13 base runners on the night and that’s definitely better than bad. It’s good!

I’m not sure if you heard but the Cubs starters are really good. They came in second to the Reds in starter WAR. They led the league in ERA and IP.

Kyle Hendrick’s fastest pitch on the night was an 88 MPH two-seamer. He got a total of 7 swinging strikes tonight out of his 94 pitches. He scoffed at 7 base hits the Royals managed to eek out. He walked no man. He toyed with the Royals; so much so that he give up 5 batted balls over 99 MPH exit velocity…only one was a base hit. 7 innings, 2 earned runs.

Royals starter Brady Singer made it to the bigs after being the 18th pick in the 2018 draft. He looks like he has the makings of being a pretty good rotation piece. He threw A LOT of 4-seam fastballs, averaging about 93MPH per statcast. He only induced 11 swinging strikes (6 whiffs of the 55 4-seamers he threw) of his 93 pitches but he made some of the Cubs look pretty silly on that slider. His 8 strike outs in 5 IP were impressive.

The bad:

KB only put one ball in play and it was a softly hit double play grounder to end the rally in the 2nd. Otherwise, 2 Ks, one walk.

The whole top of the order was absent. Baez left a bunch of dudes on base. Rizzo had a hit but that’s it. Schwarber struck out 3 times. Luckily, they weren’t needed.

Anything else? I don’t know. You see the 9th?

The Ugly:

Contreras’s throw on the stolen base in the 9th was just brutal.

The suits. Disrespect for the deceased Gary Woods. Even an awkward conversation about the greatest singers of all time. Mark Grace is just such a third wheel. Tricycles suck.

Oh man that 9th inning, huh?

Darvish tomorrow vs Kris Bubic. 7 o’clock. OK.


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  1. KB didn’t hit, but he saved the Cubs’ asses with his glove.

  2. Yeah, screw tricycles.

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