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OOPS, HE DID IT AGAIN: Another DUI For Larussa

I was hoping we wouldn’t get so much mileage out of this.

As a website that does baseball and dumb jokes, this is like an early Christmas present. Prodigal White Sox manager and box wine enthusiast Tony Larussa was once again bagged for driving under the influence of alcohol, this time in February 2020 in Arizona.

What makes this even worse is the fact that the Sox were apparently aware of this when they hired him last month, while better candidates like AJ Hinch and Alex Cora, neither of whom the Sox even interviewed, were still available.

Now while it’s easy for us to get our yuks out, and believe me we have, there are some serious problems here.

For starters, this very site was unequivocal that the Larussa hire was a terrible idea. The fact that he now has multiple arrests for DUI makes it even worse. Because, again, the Sox (Let’s be real, it was Jerry Reinsdorf – there’s no way Rick Hahn was involved in this shitshow) knew about it and went full steam ahead anyway.

One of the main reasons the Sox let Rick Renteria go was because of his poor decisions on the field. But here’s his replacement making worse ones off the field. I mean, I’m certainly nobody to give lectures on the virtues of temperance. But driving drunk is like not wearing a mask during a pandemic – your assholery can get others killed. We’ve had our laughs about Larussa and his drinking/driving, but only because nobody wound up in a box.

From a functional standpoint, it’s going to be really hard for Larussa to walk into the Sox clubhouse and talk about being responsible or accountable while he’s got more scrapes with the law than the entire team combined. And judging by his refusing to talk to any media about this arrest, he’s not about to be responsible or accountable for his own actions.

So here we are. The White Sox hired a manager who has not only seen the game pass him by, but one that the players he’s managing will have a hard time respecting.

And that’s a damn shame. This Sox team was a lot of fun to watch, and having this cloud over the team will hurt them next season.

I also wouldn’t expect at this juncture Reinsdorf will realize what a bad idea this was, cut Larussa loose, and see who’s out there that can be a good manager for this team.

I just hope nobody gets killed before this sad chapter in White Sox history comes to an end.

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