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And you thought Clark was creepy.

Opening Day has come at last. A day of rebirth, of renewal.

Especially this year, when fans will return to ballparks and stadia for the first time since 2019, save the postseason in Texas last season.

The beer is a little colder, the hot dogs a little tastier. It’s more of a harbinger of spring than robins or crocuses. It’s a day when despair gives way to hope, at least for one day.

It’s a day for rookies beginning their journey. It’s a day for veterans trying to keep the train from pulling into the station, at least for a little longer.

It’s a day when heroes are born, whether it be Willie Smith, Larry Biittner, Tuffy Rhodes or Kosuke Fukudome.

As the cliche goes, every team is in first place on Opening Day.

It’s a day when school halls are a little emptier. Not because of a horrific disease, but because kids are watching grown men play the same game that they play.

It’s old timers in the stands telling stories of great players from days gone by , like Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Willie Mays. It’s taking a moment to remember those who we miss this Opening Day, like Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson, Hank Aaron and Dick Allen.

For one day, we can take time to forget the problems that we have, and bask in the sunshine of the beginning of a season.

Play ball.

Updated: April 1, 2021 — 8:59 am

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