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SOX/A’S: By The Numbers

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As the 2020 Major League postseason gets underway, we here at Fully Krausened have enlisted a crack team of mathletes to run the numbers on the upcoming series between the Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics. So with no further ado, here’s what they came up with:

Number of World Series won by the A’s: 9

Number of World Series won by the White Sox: 3

Number of combined World Series won by these teams in the last 30 years: 1

Amount it matters: 0

Oakland’s Game 1 starter Jesus Luzardo’s ERA: 4.12

Number of times our mathletes said, “Holy shit, Luzardo’s from Peru???”: 12

Number of players in MLB history from Peru: 1

Home runs by the A’s this season: 71

Home runs by the Sox this season: 96

Number of times a Fully Krausened writer won #soxmath in the 2020 season: 1

Number of those wins rescinded by a “review board”: 1

Oakland team ERA: 3.77

Sox team ERA: 3.81

Curb weight of a 1958 Buick Roadmaster: 4670 pounds

Number of times White Sox reliever Jimmy Cordero can bench press a 1958 Buick Roadmaster: 18

Number of cities the A’s have called home: 3

Number of ballparks the Sox have had in the only city they’ve called home: 3

Number of names the ballpark the Sox currently call home have had: 3

bWAR of Oakland’s pitching staff: 2.0

bWAR of Sox hitters: 5.2

Number of times you’ll hear “Good pitching beats good hitting” in this series: 438

Number of times you’ll hear “Good hitting beats good pitching” in this series: 438

Number of nicknames as awesome as La Pantera: 0

Sox in 3

Updated: September 28, 2020 — 8:58 pm

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