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Morph is always a genious.

So after pretty much everyone else started in the past week or so, the Marquee Network has breathlessly announced that they will broadcast tonight’s Cubs intrasquad game from Wrigley Field.

The Sox have been broadcasting them for a couple days, and it’s been enough time to see that Luis Robert is a helluva player, as long as he doesn’t drop dead having to cover pretty much the entire outfield.

So tonight everyone can bask in the glow of Jason Heyward grounding to Jason Kipnis or something. As opposed to the endless rebroadcasts of the 2016 World Series, which features plenty of Jason Heyward grounding to Jason Kipnis.

Hey, did you know Jason Kipnis is from the Chicago area?

Without any carriage contract with Comcast (excellent work by Crane Kenney), Cub fans have been missing the quality programming provided, such as “Off The Mound with Ryan Dempster”, where Depster has a Zoom call with a guy or a bunch of guys. Then there’s “Cubs 360”, which is another Zoom call. But that one has the added treat of Bruce Levine getting progressively more orange, clearly trolling Dave Kaplan for not getting a gig on the network.

But since I’m one of the half-dozen or so people who get Marquee, you can read all about what happens there here. Or if you want to read something actually good, Andy Dolan has you covered.

But we’re basically at the point in the exercise where we’re watching players endanger themselves so we have something to watch until “Money Plane” becomes less than $7 for standard-def streaming.

Russell Crowe Gladiator GIF by MOODMAN - Find & Share on GIPHY

At this point, we’re 9 or 10 days from having games count, and at this point MLB seems firmly in the camp of “pandemic be damned, we want our money!” And we will, of course, watch. Because what else have we got to do?

So tonight we’ll be treated to watching some Cubs players go up against some other Cubs players in an empty Wrigley Field. At least they could be like the Cardinals and say there are 40,000 in there anyway.

So, here we go. See you on the other side.

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