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Professor Hendricks begins with the basics.

Today the Chicago Cubs played their first doubleheader of the 2020 season, meeting up with the St. Louis Cardinals for a twinbill necessitated by the Cardinals lack of leadership and discipline resulting in a casino outing that led to 18 different members of the organization testing positive for COVID-19. Kyle Hendricks was scheduled to take the mound in Game 1, which was scheduled for 7 innings. How did it go?

The Cubs wasted a solid effort by Hendricks by not hitting, and leaving the few guys they got on base out there, resulting in a 3-1 loss. Let’s get to this:


Hendricks. On yesterday’s Krausencast we talked about how perfect Hendricks is for these 7 inning games, since he should have been able to go 7 on his own. He made one mistake through the first 6 innings, and Dexter Fowler bounced it off the Toyota tarp in right field. As it turned out, he got himself into a jam, giving up a double to Paul Goldschmidt after being badly squeezed, and eventually loading the bases with nobody out before getting a grounder to Javy Baez that became a forceout at the plate. That was the end of his day before Rowan Wick came in and allowed a 2 run double. Sadly, he couldn’t quite slam the door. He still got a quality start, but he’s not feeling good about this one.

Albert Almora. Man, if he could hit just a little. He made two diving catches in center field in this one, and damn near came up with a highlight-reel catch of Brad Miller’s two run double in the 7th.

Ian Happ. He actually hit a home run from the right side of the plate.


The Cubs’ offense. It’s been absolutely anemic, only scratching out three hits in this one, going along with three walks. It feels like a scene from “Spartacus” where everyone is standing up and saying, “I’M JOSH PHEGLEY!” “I’M JOSH PHEGLEY!!!”

David Ross kind of botched the bottom of the 7th, where he used Kyle Schwarber to pinch hit for David Bote with Phegley on deck. So naturally in comes Andrew Miller. Let Bote, who has actually done some hitting this year, hit. Have Schwarber hit for the guy who is 0-for-2020.


Four straight losses, all of which were very winnable.

They’re going to try breaking the schneid with Tyson Miller making his big league debut in the nightcap. Guys, don’t be Josh Phegley.


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  1. How about Rossy putting in a righty instead of a lefty against a left handed hitter then said righty that throws well north of 95mph throws and HANGS TWO CONSECUTIVE CURVE BALLS!!! (insert smashed soap box here)

  2. “I’m Josh Phegley!” Sad but hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle. Hopefully they’ll all soon be saying, “I’m Ian Happ!”

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