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“Let me tell you something. I’m from Chicago. I don’t break.”
― Barack Obama

Hello Chicago baseball fanatics. I’m all about the southside with my take on the windy city’s American League team. So, who am I? who cares, except to say my beloved Hawks window looks to be closed and I didn’t see it till this week. The Bears are doing Bears things and I know we all share that pain. So its on to the passion that truly divides us as a city. North VS. South. American VS. National. Good Guys wear Black VS. Bleacher Bums. I know I know perpetuating the Sox vs Cubs fandom is old and stupid and so very ME. So here I go with the Cubs looking like it might be another 108 years its time to talk Sox 2020. (No, I didn’t forget about the Bulls Jerry did).

Potential, is it a 4 letter word?

I want to take a look at next years starters. They’re mostly young and talented with tons of potential. So much potential. I’ve learned to fear that word…Mitch ugh. A potent lineup with only two holes as I see it through black and white lens and lots of grey on the defensive side of things.

At 1st base AL reigning RBI leader and all-around team leader Jose Abreu. He will be back.
2nd base Nick Madrigal should be your starting second baseman straight out of Arizona. Or soon after.
3rd base Yoan Moncada future MVP candidate.
SS the best in the majors & AL BA leader (yes including your northside version. This isn’t the first time we have had the argument and we were right last time too OZZIE!) Tim Anderson.
LF (former Cub) Future Hall of Famer Eloy Jimenez. Another in the long line of guys who have played for both sides of town. Love this trade.
CF Luis Robert the man with two first names should be patrolling the outfield at… (I’m not going to do it I can’t use these stupid naming rights call me a meatball go ahead they’re delicious) Comiskey Park. The only legit 5 tool guy on the roster. He might be good enough to make up for the defensive deficiencies your getting in left and might get in right. Which brings us to our first real hole…
RF ? Last in the majors with production from this crater of a hole in the lineup. Any upgrade here should be immensely helpful. Here’s to hoping we land a free agent who can see the ‘potential’ and wants to give a home town discount even though this aint home yet. I’m not going to play the guessing game here, because if you like baseball, you know who they are. If your more of a casual fan google it. The fact is its fun to hypothesize but after last season I’m going to wait and see what happens. Fool me once.
Catcher James McCann / Zach Collins well our first dilemma maybe. On one hand we have a guy who had an all-star season, but can he do it again? On the other we have another prospect with “potential” and a bat. I feel good about it, I do. I don’t think Rick should use that free agent $ at this spot, lets see how it plays out. If Zach can hit in the bigs he can DH some too, another hole that needs filling.
DH ? I think it would be great to have a stud lefty here but I remember 2005. I think platooning could be fine. Let’s look at the ‘potential’ (there’s that word again) platooning at DH. Collins, Abreu and maybe if last year’s number #1 draft pick fast tracks his way up Andrew Vaughn. The kid could spot Jose at first and DH. He is the likely future first baseman. (I’m jumping the gun but that’s just how damn excited I am about these hitters). I know the rumors out there about a ‘potential’ free agent who might or might not opt out and then come to the Right Sox. Well I’m not playing that game I’m cool with waiting. Fool me once.

Ok we can get into depth and filling out the roster and the actual lineup all that but that’s not what got me stoked to share with you all. We will do all that later, but for now damn that’s some talent and ‘potential’ and defensively well if the pitching is… outscoring your opponent is how you win games. I can HOPE that these kids get better with the catching and the throwing part. They seem to be able to hit and hit hard and run and run fast. This is going to be fun. Ya I know those of you that prefer your pinstripes cubbie blue are going to tell me “you expect to hit on all your prospects” to that I say F@ck Ya. Why? cause its hot stove time the Bears are hibernating early the Hawks might miss another round of NHL roulette and HOPE springs eternal. That’s right hope is what we do in Chicago, maybe better than anywhere else. Hope is what rebellions are built on my frents. If this was fun lets do the starting rotation next cause that is full of A New Hope… and a Return of sorts. Let the umpire call Strikes Back. Oh, shit I tried. Star Wars!!!
-Southside Pride! Yes, I’m a Bob. Screw the SCORE for making Bob’s bad. …We may have done it to ourselves but still WSCR 670 is my nemesis.
Don’t forget to tell me how stupid I am in the comments or better yet how your starting 9 is better. Would love to see the potential.

Updated: October 26, 2019 — 12:49 pm


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  1. I’m super excited for the South side boys. They’re fun as hell right now.

    And you knew this was coming but:
    TA7 is amazeballs. I adore him. But claiming he’s better than Javy is blasphemy and I will not stand for it.

    1. Lol. Of course i knew that and many more illogical responses were coming my way. Im open to it. I deserve all the bad takes. I will stoke the fires of this inter? Intra? (Damn i dont know) city rivalry. It needs to be heated and fun and absolutely nonsensical. So my only suggestion is no need to stand you can sit. 😉

  2. According to Fangraphs, Anderson was 12th Best SS in baseball and 2nd best in Chicago.

    1. Listen if your going to bring logic, reasoning and statistics into this i’m out.

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