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6-9 IS NOT NICE: Cubs Drop 2 of 3 to the Braves

How Saturday and Sunday looked at Wrigley Field

Remember when the Cubs won a series? Yeah, it was the first one of the year. The Cubs haven’t won one since, and they’ve now slipped into last place 10% of the way through the season.

The Atlanta Braves came into Wrigley Field in pretty banged up shape. During Friday’s game they lost Ozzie Albies after he got hit in the knee with a pitch. Last night they lost Ronald Acuña Jr to a pain in his abdominal muscles. The Cubs still couldn’t contain them. Let’s get to this:


Willson Contreras. With a home run on Friday, followed by two on Saturday, he’s currently red-hot. He’s one of the two Cubs regulars currently sporting an OPS over 1.000.

Kris Bryant. He joined Contreras with a pair of home runs on Saturday, and now has more HR than he had in 2020, and only one fewer run batted in. It was almost easy to forget just how good a healthy Kris Bryant can be. We should enjoy his Cubs Farewell Tour while we can.

Anthony Rizzo. He hit a pair last night, and this is hopefully that thing we get each year where Rizzo locks in and stays locked in. Hopefully he keeps doing these things at Wrigley Field after this year, because you know the Yankees know that if they bring him into the Bronx he can start his own religion.


Javier Baez is still selling out on every swing. He homered on Saturday and hit a double on Sunday, but he needs to get back to what makes him so good – shorten up the swing and go to right/right center, and save the huge Javy swing for 2-0 or 3-1 counts.

Kyle Hendricks. We should have known we were doomed when before yesterday’s game Alex Rodriguez said we could look forward to a “pitching clinic” from Hendricks. Nothing he threw in the first inning had any movement on it, and four different Braves sent his offerings to faraway places as they hung a 6 spot on him. He managed to go three more innings without much damage, but you know he’s going to study last night pretty hard.


Shelby Miller’s first outing in Milwaukee was terrible, and you could chalk it up to rust/butterflies. He was a mess again on Saturday, but at least the Cubs had a huge lead by then, so it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. But I think his Cubs tenure will be a short one.

When do the Cubs get their extra year of service out of Nico Hoerner so we can end this Eric Sogard nonsense?

Next up is three games against the Mets in Wrigley. The Cubs better come correct in the first two, because deGrom goes Thursday.

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