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It’s the end of an era. An era of poor judgement, and questionable decisions. But to Ricky’s credit he appears to have fostered a positive culture and what seems to be a fun, happy, & relaxed atmosphere in the clubhouse and on the field. It is debatable how many games a manager is responsible for winning, (waiting on the advanced stats people) but it is evident when they hurt a team. What I know is the lineup and handling of the pitching staff is the most obvious indicator to me of a manager’s acumen. Ricky failed at both, he really seemed to choke in the win or home game 3 vs Oakland. Horribly mishandling the pitching and every decision he made either backfired or blew up in his face.

A manager can only do so much with the talent that a GM supplies him. In 2020 that was a pretty nice box of toys. Ricky overused a bad Encarnacion, underused a damn good catcher/hitter in McCann. As the season progressed it became even more evident that maybe James is the better defensive catcher and handles the pitchers better than Grandal, expect for framing. They should have been DH and catching 50/50. They should be next year too but I digress.

 Lineup construction is debatable, I believe a lot of us didn’t like his placement of hitters most nights but who is in and out of a lineup is more important and were Ricky really was bad. It is easy to field a team hitting the shit out of the ball the way they were for a large portion of the season. The pitchers were more than good enough and the ball left the yard every other batter.

They started out slow and then finished ice cold. He needed to find a way out of that end of season slide that cost them the division, home field (not sure it mattered) advantage and ultimately blowing the playoff series.

With all this potential (there is that word again) potent young arms they part ways with Coop too. Is it the injuries? Or something else. Coop seemed to have embraced the analytical side of the game and even to understand it, but alas He Gone too. Whomever Rick Hahn appoints to fill these 2 crucial roles is huge. Who else from the staff will be gone or should be sooner rather than later?

We look to the GM who built this team to find a right fielder, DH, (still) and now a point C manager to groom the youth, provide leadership, exude confidence and provide calmness when things maybe chaotic and to properly manage a club on the verge of contending. So long Ricky that is twice Chicago said thanks but no thanks. I wish you the best but I demand the absolute best for this Sox team. Hahn needs to find a leader who can manage young pitching and guys like Robert, Jimenez, Moncada, Madrigal and get out of the way of guys like Anderson and Abreu. I have more to say about 2 strike Nicky, but for now let me say he can hit find a manager who can figure out the rest. Pitching is deep and young and mostly unproven is it a matter of finding that chemistry that Don and Ozzie once had? I will leave you with this Sox Otters… Cora

Its the end of an era, but not the end only the beginning… of something new, something fresh and hopefully something spectacular!

Go Go White Sox

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