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CUBS/MARLINS: By The Numbers

No school like the old school.

As the 2020 Major League postseason gets underway, we here at Fully Krausened have enlisted a crack team of mathletes to run the numbers on the upcoming series between the Chicago Cubs and Miami Marlins. So with no further ado, here’s what they came up with:

Last time the Marlins were in the postseason: 2003

Last time they played the Cubs in the postseason: 2003

Amount of times Steve Bartman will be mentioned in this series: 2003

Cubs run differential: 25

Marlins run differential: -41

Number of guys you can name on the Marlins without looking: -1 (You said Starlin Castro, but he’s on Washington)

Number of Marlins wins: 31

Number of Cubs wins: 34

OPS of lefthanded hitters against Marlins Game 1 starter Sandy Alcantara: .859

OPS of all hitters against Cubs Game 1 starter Kyle Hendricks in Wrigley Field: .493

Caught stealing percentage (in 20 tries) for Marlins Catcher Jorge Alfaro: 20

Number of times ABC announcers will mention Alfaro’s nickname is “El Oso”, or “The Bear”: 20

Number of steal attempts by the Cubs in this series: 20

Number of balls Marlins coach Juan Pierre will roll down the foul lines before games: 300

Number of different pitches Yu Darvish throws:

Number of Gatorade bucket jokes that will be told about Marlins utility player Sean Rodriguez:

Marlins team OPS: .703

Cubs team OPS: .705

Marlins team ERA: 4.86

Cubs team ERA: 3.99

Number of times “Yeah, Jeets” or giftbaskets get worked into recaps: 6

Number of times announcers will talk about the Marlins “overcoming the obstacles” of having a COVID breakout on their team: 215

Number of times the Marlins going clubbing, which led to the outbreak, will be mentioned: 0

Cubs in 2

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