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Early X-mas on the SouthSide

Its begining to look a lot like a starting rotation

Christmas came early this year for Sox fans. Although some of you are acting like this is the nightmare before Christmas. If you scroll down to my Dec. 7th article, I explain why Dallas is the right guy for this team. He has the postseason experience and success. He is still in his prime. Maybe at the summit but there are still outs in that Left arm of his and he will be 32 by opening day. His arm should be rested after missing 1/3 of the season waiting on a contract offer due to MLB reasons. Ok before we get deeper into this, I want to be upfront. I wanted the combination of Madison Baumgarner and Dallas Keuchel. Maddy stayed in the NL going to Arizona. Keuchel though is bringing the big D to the Southside along with an old Kenny Williams favorite trading piece Gio Gonzalez.

Its called a quality free agent signing

Gio was originally drafted in the 1st round by the Sox in 2004. After the 2005 World Series Championship he was traded (the first time) to the Phillies. In 2006 He was traded back to the Sox from the Phillies along with Gavin Floyd for Sweaty Freddy Garcia. In 2008 he was again traded this time to Oakland for Nick Swisher. Last year the battery of Gonzalez & Grandal was pretty effective in Wisconsin. I expect that chemistry will continue down in the flatland. Gio is 34 LEFTY and I for one am looking forward to see his debut in White Sox pinstripes.

Dallas 31 another much needed LEFTY & Gio will help solidify this otherwise young rotation. Opening day should look something like this Giolito – Keuchel – Cease – Gonzalez – Kopech – Lopez. That’s 6 you say well if Kopech is ready to go by Spring training that’s your 5 starters if not it will be soon after. These two signings bring proven veteran leadership and experience oh and did I mention LEFTYs to a righty heavy group. They will also give high end prospects time to develop and others to recover from that pesky Tommy John procedure. First rounders Carson Fulmer (2015) and Carlos Rodon (2014) can ease into the bullpen and with these short term deals no prospects need to be dealt or held up in the pipeline. Team options allow the Sox the flexibility to keep them longer if they have success on the southside. I’m genuinely excited and happy. With the lineup shaping into something truly special the rotation looking strong, balanced and deep. The bullpen could be prospect heavy and that would be ok with me. Like I said in a previous post I am fine with a DH by committee approach instead of locking up long term $ on an aging hitter with all these young sluggers on the roster. So, if Rick can bring in a proven RF I would be over the moon. Sure, he traded a prospect for a guy with potential and anything I mean anything would be an upgrade at that position over last year’s league lowest production. There are still options available but if this is it, it’s been good.

Stay calm and throw Lefty

RECAP Dallas Keuchel is a member of the pale hose. He is a lefty he is proven he is good. Sit back RELAX and strap it down. Rick did his job people. The other Rick and pitching guru Don need to do theirs. The players need to play, have fun and just win. Baseball is back in Chicago and its on the South Side.

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