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FROM THE HOME OFFICE — Len Kasper Moves South to Join Sox Radio Booth

As if 2020 couldn’t be weird enough, we learned very late Thursday night that Cubs TV voice Len Kasper has taken his microphone and moved to the White Sox radio booth, as the team prepares to head back to WMVP-AM 1000.

He takes over after Andy Masur’s one-year run as the full-time play-by-play voice on the White Sox Radio Network, but in reality, Kasper is looking to fill the shoes of the late Ed Farmer, who passed away on April 1, 2020.

Kasper joins Darrin Jackson in the radio booth, where Jackson has been for the last 12 seasons, after a nine-year stint in the TV booth alongside Hawk Harrelson.

The addition of Kasper to the Sox broadcaster roster gives Sox fans a top-notch tandem of play-by-play announcers, whether fans tune in on TV to hear Jason Benetti along side Steve Stone (who have become an outstanding duo in their own right), or listen on the radio.

Kasper and Benetti are also good friends, and one hopes that at some point, they team up on a broadcast.

It’s also an interesting change for Kasper, going from TV to radio, but it will allow Kasper to fill in the down time between pitches with his terrific insight. He also loves radio and he’ll be able to use his vocabulary to paint the picture he’s seeing in the listener’s mind.

The move to radio also means that Kasper will be able to call the action in any and all playoff games, since local TV announcers get bumped off air for national TV network broadcasts. That doesn’t apply to radio guys, so Kasper will be on the mic calling any and all postseason games in the future.

It’s also a surprising move from the Cubs perspective, which I’m sure the Cubs scribes here are working on as you read this, but for the Sox, it strengthens their broadcasting roster as the team on the field charges into its contention window. It has some Cubs fans already surmising that the way Cubs management handled everything with Marquee Network led to Kasper’s departure, but I’d be surprised if anyone admitted that there’s any truth there.

Welcome to the South Side, Len. If 2020 was any guess, you’ll be in for a fun ride over the next several years.

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