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JHey and LeBron have won the same number of titles in Cleveland.

All it took was for us to mention on the Krausencast how bad Jason Heyward’s contract was.

The handsome Cubs right fielder had his second-biggest night in Cleveland of his career last night, hammering three hits, including a 3-run home run, and driving in four as Jon Lester did Jon Lester things on the mound, as the Cubs rolled to a 7-1 victory last night in Progressive Field. Let’s get to this:


Heyward. He was locked in last night, and his home run was on a not-terrible breaking ball. In such a short season, that one game was almost the same as a three-game hot streak.

Lester. The Cubs flew in yesterday, as with the Indians’ Zach Plesac and Dan Clevinger both broke COVID-19 protocol, they had another chance of not playing. Lester took it all in stride, throwing another six strong innings, allowing 3 hits and walking two. He gave up one run in the sixth, but by that time the Cubs were up six anyway. He was probably still pissed about it. Three starts in and his ERA is currently 1.06 and his WHIP is .065. That seems good.

Ian Happ. After Cubs’ manager David Ross said Happ was “the real deal” and that center field was his from here on out, Chicago’s favorite podcaster and coffeemaker went 2-for-3 with an RBI.

Jason Kipnis’ return to Cleveland. The sound guy turned up the applause when he came up, and he tipped his cap to an empty stadium prior to smacking a double into the corner.


Plesac and Clevinger. At some point, MLB has to step in and clamp down hard on guys who violate protocol. You’ve had two teams (so far) throw a spanner in the works not only for themselves, but the teams they were scheduled to play. Meanwhile, they are recklessly endangering those who are following protocols. It’s time for suspensions without pay to start happening.


The Cubs won the World Series in 2016. Last night they returned to the room where it happened. It’s time to stop celebrating. You can’t look back and forward at the same time. This is a pretty good team, bullpen woes (Really woe, since it’s down to one guy at this point), and in a short season which will be followed by a short series only the Dodgers really stand between them and another trip to the World Series. There’s still time for a year to become an era.

Tonight Kyle Hendricks takes the ball as these two teams conclude their series. Take your radio outside and throw something on the grill and enjoy the weather.

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