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Jorge has been planning on this for years.

I guess I’m the Alec Mills recap guy now. If I’m going to have to do these, I’d appreciate if he’d spell his damn name properly. I’m tired of deleting the x and replacing it with the c. I think he brings more heat on his fastball than I bring on these. The only 2 Midwest World Series Champions since the Twins of 1991 faced off on Monday night on a much chillier night than a normal August 3rd.

The Cubs, on the back of MY GUY Alec, were able to beat the Royals 2-0. The Cubs defense and pitching were exceptional tonight. And even Kris Bryant got on the board with his first home run of the season. Rowan Thicc recorded a nice, stress free 4-out save

The Good
Alec Mills – At some point, we may actually fool ourselves into thinking he’s pretty good. Out of 23 batters faced, only 1 had a hard hit off of him. He induced plenty of ground balls. Staumont only wished he had the kind of velo that Mills has.

The Defense – There were several very good plays by the Cubs defense. David Bote had his share and looked really great at 3rd (and short at one point). And Javy being Javy had another Javy tag that makes you love Javy even more. How that guy does it so often is beyond me.

Jorge Soler – It’s good to see Jorge back in Wrigley. Regardless of how his time turned out with the Cubs, I’ll always have this game and remembering exactly where I was when he jacked the second one. And there’s always the 2015 postseason with him.

The Bad
Mark Grace – Grace will always be near and dear to me. As a kid who was born in 1985, Grace was a mainstay for my growing up with the Cubs. That being said, I had minimal use for him on the broadcast. He disappeared for a bit which will happen in situations like this, but I was not into all of his shit. He holds opinions I’d expect a 56 year old former baseball player to have, but I don’t care what he thinks about a guy deciding to opt out in September if he doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. And later on he mentioned that he had only seen the extra innings runner on second set up on TV, and had yet to see it live yet. I know it was messed with in the minors last year, but Mark, you do realize you’re not going to ballparks this year, right?

The Ugly
Nothing – I’m not going to feign anger at anything.

Updated: August 4, 2020 — 1:45 pm


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  1. What are you ESPN now? Da little team from da south side won a little ting called da world series in 05 my frendt. How quickly we forget our history. Or is it just north side dementia? Sad just sad fake recap my frendt. Do betters

    1. The White Sox were just a side casualty of a shot across the bow to St Louis.

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