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PLAY BALL? Owners and Players Agree On Race To COVID.

In “news we all figured would happen eventually”, MLB owners and players agreed to begin training camp on July 1. While it’s good news, I guess, for baseball to be returning, can anybody really think this through and agree it’s a good idea?

I mean, would you send your kid off to play Little League during a measles outbreak? And the kid isn’t going to be in a clubhouse and showers with a bunch of other people.

Now granted, this isn’t going to go as poorly as the NHL or NBA will. Probably. Maybe. I mean, MLB already had to shut down training camps in Florida and Arizona due to new spikes in COVID cases, and the Phillies reported three more positive tests yesterday.

Now it may be easy to say, “They’re all young and in shape. Everything will be fine.” Of course, that’s great if the players are out there with no managers, coaches, support staff, etc. And “in shape” applies to maybe 20% of all MLB umpires.

But hooray, we get baseball! 60 games in 66 days! It’s gonna be great! Expanded rosters! Universal DH! Fugazy new rules for extra innings! It’s gonna be great!

Seriously, let’s pretend that COVID-19 doesn’t rear its ugly head at some point. I’m all here for the weirdness. 60 games into any season, there’s always some team riding an early hot streak or some rookie who tears the cover off the ball before pitchers figure out where the hole is in his swing. There’s also always one good team who stumbles out of the gate and pulls it together after the All-Star Game. There’s no room for stumbling this year.

Plus, here in Chicago, there’s also the matter of the ballparks. Since the state of Illinois and city of Chicago are both going into “Phase 4” of reopening this weekend (before all the Chads and Trixies in Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville fuck it all up for everyone), there’s a chance that there may be actual bodies in the stands. Not full capacity or anything like that, but people can go to ballgames. In masks. Trying to eat and drink. Cool.

But we’re the geniuses who decided to fire up a baseball website without being able to see a pandemic coming. So it’s time to blow the dust off this site and be ready. When this whole shithouse comes crashing down, we’ll be here to write about it.

Let’s light this candle.

Updated: June 24, 2020 — 9:16 am

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