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PLAYING WITH OURSELVES — Saturday’s White Sox Intrasquad Game Recap

Saturday was the last intrasquad game for the White Sox before they head 8 miles north for an exhibition game against the Cubs on Sunday. And like the previous ones that NBC Sports Chicago brought to us, they were a little odd, from five-out innings, to innings ending on a wild pitch and so on. To be fair (to be fairrrrrrrr), this is 2020, so it’s all par for the course.


Lucas Giolito. He wasn’t dominant, but he was solid, and with the offense that the Sox have, that should be enough to win most days. Starting pitching looks to be a strength, with what we’ve seen from Dallas Keuchel, Carlos Rodon and Dylan Cease, and Giolito is poised to lead the way.

Luis Robert. We’ve been hearing for a while now about the power he has, and he showcased that in a big way Saturday with two no-doubt, long home runs. The first nearly cleared the first level of the plants on the batters-eye in center field. The second home run was even more impressive, nearly hitting the concourse in straightaway left field. It hit a seat in the last row. He has big power, but also enough speed to beat you on the basepaths, and that speed also plays defensively in center field. He’s gonna be very fun to watch for the next several years.

Andrew Vaughn. He fared quite well against Giolito Saturday night, taking a low and outside pitch back up the middle for a base hit, and worked a walk in the final at bat of the night. Getting on base in all three at-bats he had against a pitcher who threw in last year’s All-Star Game is nothing to sneer at for a rookie. One has to hope that does wonders for his confidence, even if he doesn’t break Summer Camp with the big club.


Tim Anderson. TA had an off night, grounding out twice and striking out against Giolito. Those nights are gonna happen in baseball, but he’s got the talent to make those kind of nights infrequent.

Steve Cishek. Note to the new guy: don’t hang a slider middle in to right-handed power hitters, particularly those on the Twins. They may not hit one into the 31st Street Harbor like Luis Robert did tonight, but a homer is a homer.


The weather. It was so stinking hot that I’m sure that influenced the Sox decision to only play 5 innings tonight. Could it have helped if the home team wore their regular season white pinstripe jersey tops and the away team wore the road gray’s? Maybe a little, but hard to say either way.

Tomorrow, the Sox finally get to play someone other than themselves, when they take on the Cubs at Elwood Blues’ residence at 1060 W. Addison St. We’ll have full, likely alcohol-infused coverage from both sides here on FK. Carry on.

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