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Hey Javy, how many series did the Cubs win on this road trip?

The Chicago Cubs have been on…dare I say it?…a bit of a roll lately.

They rode a streak of winning three straight series into Pittsburgh to face the Pirates for a three game set. The Pirates have been every team’s punching bag this season, and the Cubs came in with their hands wrapped and ready to go.

They left on Thursday with a three-game sweep, although no game was exactly a blowout, but they’re five games over .500 for the first time this year, and tied for first in the National League Central. Let’s get to this:


Look, there’s absolutely no way to explain what happened here.

All I know is that Jed Hoyer should have run out onto the field and given Javier Baez an extension on the spot. In my over a half-century of watching baseball, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Back-to-back quality starts from Trevor Williams and Kyle Hendricks gave the Cubs’ bullpen a bit of a breather. David Ross was able to use Dan Winkler to get to Ryan Tepera to get the save today, so Andrew Chafin and Craig Kimbrel are ready for the Reds this weekend. But man, Winkler can get you to empty a jar of Tums in a hurry.

Joc Pederson hitting a pair of homers in Wednesday’s game. Watching his batting average rise has been swell and all, but they’re not paying him to slug .410. They need him to start sending fans home with souvenirs more often.

Kris Bryant has been so good all year that when he goes 6-for-15 with 1 homer and 4 RBI, you just kind of shrug and say, “Yeah, that’s pretty good”. While he’s clearly the Cubs’ best player this year, either by the eye test or stasticially, what he’s doing now is pushing him into the $30 million a year range. Good thing the Cubs dicked him over in 2015 and never sat down to get serious about extending him.

Patrick Wisdom was the latest guy to get called up to fill in for a hurt Cub, and all he did was homer and hit a double in Thursday’s game. That was his first home run in the bigs since 2018. Whatever you want to say about the guy, you can’t say he’s not seizing his opportunity.


Cubs getting hurt. Now it’s Nico Hoerner straining him hammy while legging one out and landing on first base funny. The Cubs are in this never-ending shuffle of moving fresh bodies onto the 40 man roster while needing to DFA guys, which leads us to…


The Cubs DFA Jason Adam while he was injured. That’s a really shitty thing to do. I’m sure that with his injury they could have easily moved him to the 60 day injured list. Then they activated Shelby Miller just to DFA him. I get that it’s business, nothing personal. But at the same time it just seems like they’re treating the players like cattle, and it’s going to make the team a less attractive destination after years of being a place players wanted to come to.

Next up for the Cubs is a homestand featuring games with the Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres. It’s big boy time now. Let’s go.

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