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SOUTH SIDE FOREVER — White Sox Unveil City Connect Jerseys

Before Friday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles got rained out, the White Sox became the third team to debut their new Nike City Connect jerseys after the Boston Red Sox and Miami Marlins unveiled theirs earlier this season and the reviews were positive.

Reports from the Chicago Sports Depot directly adjacent to Sox Park indicate that all of the City Connect jerseys available for sale were sold within three hours of them being made available to the public. Tim Anderson’s version were gone in two hours.

The jerseys feature a very dark grey base, which as far as I’m concerned are black, and have white pinstripes, reminiscent of the home white jerseys. On top of that is the word “Southside” in Olde English script just like how the script of the SOX on the hat looks.

The “Southside” graphic on the front of the jersey reimagines the gothic script logo that the White Sox have popularized over the last 30 years.

The number font on the front and back also hearkens to the gothic script that the team went back to at the end of the 1990 season, just before the team moved across the street into new Comiskey Park.

The pants are the same color and pinstripe pattern as the jersey top. Some commenters online said the team should have kept the normal white pants with these, but I think it all works out okay.

They top off the look with a black cap with “CHI” in diagonal gothic script reminiscent of the “SOX” that is usually featured on the cap. The “C” in particular reminds me of the “C” that the Chicago Tribune have long used on their masthead for generations, which is likely on purpose. I wouldn’t mind seeing them take the “C” from this hat and isolate is as a captain’s “C” for future team captains’ jerseys, both home and away.

The gothic script continues on the cap, but this cap reads “CHI” in a diagonal pattern similar to the “SOX” usually seen on the team’s cap.

This feels like a uniform set that Tim Anderson would wear out and about just because he loves it. He has spoken this offseason about wearing Sox gear out on the town and not just at the ballpark on game days. He’s certainly proud to be a part of this team, and proud to represent the South Side, and now he’ll get to wear “Southside” across his chest in a Major League game, starting June 5 against Detroit.

I, for one, plan on getting a hat at some point. Maybe not right away, but sometime in the near future. Maybe a t-shirt too. Could I be convinced to get a jersey, as well? Sure. It’s clean, and several fire emojis were tweeted out in response to this unveiling by the users of the internet. Who knows, maybe they will wear these against the Cubs in their City Connect jerseys too, which Nike says will be unveiled June 12th.

Which, speaking of, what do the Cubs fans who read Fully Krausened want to see in a Cubs City Connect jersey? Will there be ivy? I could see them incorporating the marquee, especially considering they named their own TV network after the marquee.

Until then, we’ll wait to see the Sox City Connect jerseys on the field June 5th.

Updated: May 28, 2021 — 10:47 pm

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