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Sox Lose Second Game of Double Header 5-3

The first inning continues to be a problem for White Sox starters this season. I don’t understand why we can’t stop giving up runs to begin the game. Perhaps we should start exploring the use of an opener. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s the concept of having a reliever start the game for the first inning or two. Personally, at this point I’m open to anything. My vote would be for the MLB to let us start the game in the 2nd inning. 

Either way the Sox found themselves down 3 runs after the 1st inning. James McCann & Jose Abreu hit solo home runs in the losing effort. The White Sox couldn’t muster enough offense to win the game and lost to the Cleveland Indians 5-3. The Sox have now dropped 4 of their first 5 games, including both games of the double header today. To say they’ve started out cold as ice would be putting it mildly. 

The Good

The bullpen was the highlight of the both games. In the second game of the double header they combined for 4 ⅓IP 2H 1BB 3K between 5 pitchers. The combined line from both games was 10IP 0ER 4H. The bullpen has been the strongest group in this young season. Hopefully, the starters can get their shit together and start handing them leads. That would give us a better idea of what  relievers are capable of.

Offensively there wasn’t much to cheer for in this game. Abreu had a nice 3 hit game, which saw him come a triple shy of the cycle. The loss wouldn’t have been as bad, if we got to see the big man leg out a three bagger. James McCann continued with his hot start to the season. He’s making his case for more AB’s early on. If Yasmani and Edwin continue to struggle it might be McCann’s ticket to the batter box for now. Luis Robert recorded another hit, and is batting .368 on the season. If Ricky doesn’t move him up in the lineup we’re going to riot. That’s not even a threat, it’s a guarantee. I’ll save my full critique of Ricky’s lineup selection for “The Ugly” section.

The Bad 

Starting pitching continues to be a huge eye sore for the team. Carlos Rodon failed to make it out of the 4th inning. He was plagued by a terrible 1st inning (who woulda thought?) by giving up 3 runs. It’s difficult for teams to win games when they’re consistently losing after the 1st inning. That’s not to excuse our batters from not coming through at the plate. However, our starting pitching needs to at the very least eat some more innings. The bullpen has been already taxed in this young sprint of a season. Wearing them down early will only magnify our deficiencies. 

The Ugly 

The ugliest part of this game has to be Ricky’s lineup selection. I can’t even begin to understand why Delmonico is batting cleanup, and Luis Robert is batting 7th. My friend John suggested Delmonico has some sort of blackmail on Ricky. At this point, I’m inclined to believe it. There’s no other justification on why Nicky has started all 5 games, and has batted in the 2 hole and cleanup. Like what in the Hawk Harrelson is going on? Ricky didn’t have Covid-19 and that’s fantastic, but it seems like something else might be wrong with him. If we’re serious about winning and contending this year, then this team needs to start acting like it. That includes the players and coaches.

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