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SoxFest 2020 Recap

Soxfest 2020 took place this past weekend at the McCormick Place. With the new free agent signings and our young core of players attending, the mood was considerably more upbeat than in recent years. Fans packed themselves into the convention center to meet their favorite players. They had the opportunity to take pictures with the new signings, and get their autographs. Sox fans even had the chance to ask Rick Hahn a couple of questions.

The attending players covered a wide array of topics in their individual sessions. Dallas Keuchel discussed the Astros cheating scandal, Eloy Jimenez answered questions regarding his defense, and compared a teammate to a 3x MVP winner. Throw in Yoan Moncada dancing on stage, and you had the makings of an excellent two days at the annual event. However, my favorite part was Tim Anderson recreating his now infamous bat flip against the Kansas City Royals from this past season. He then proceeded to show kids how to do their own bat flips. What’s not to love about TA? Besides his defense (which will be much improved this year) not a damn thing!

Dallas Keuchel became the first player from the 2017 Houston Astros team to apologize for stealing signs. He went on to say he thought the rest of his former teammates should apologize as well. However, there’s been no indication Dallas was directly involved with stealing signs, other than being on the team when it occurred. Nonetheless it’s a nice gesture from Dallas, especially given how his former teammates handled their first interview after the scandal. Looking at you Alex Bregman!

Then you had Eloy giving out the two best quotes of the weekend. The first one was in response to being asked if he thought DHing was in his future. If you haven’t already heard, Eloy gave a resounding

“No, fuck that.”

Obviously, White Sox nation ate up this response. While Eloy’s glove will never be his strength, I believe he has the ability and work ethic to be more than serviceable in LF.

His next comments had Sox fans even more excited when he compared Luis Robert to Mike Trout. Eloy said

“Some people are going to call me crazy, but he’s going to be the next Mike Trout.”

That a helluva comparison for a guy who hasn’t played in his first MLB game yet. Although, not surprising since there’s scouts who believe Luis has the highest ceiling of any player in the organization. The White Sox certainly believe in Luis, demonstrated by his shiny new contract that could earn him up to $88 million.

It was a great couple of days for the team and its fans. The event did well to build on the momentum created by the Sox’s free agent signings. There’s a ton of excitement surrounding the Pale Hose as they head to spring training. They have a promising young core that’s complimented by a couple of key veterans. All things considered it’s shaping up to be an interesting summer on the South Side.

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