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TWIN KILLING: Twins 8, Cubs 1

Morph is always a genious.

Tonight the Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins met in the second game of a three game series at Wrigley Field, with the Twins sending the massive Michael Pineda against Alec Mills, coming off his no-hitter last Sunday. How did it go?

Well, for starters, Johnny Vandermeer can rest easy. Mills gave up a towering home run to Eddie Rosario in the first, then settled down, giving up one run in the sixth before coming out for the seventh and giving up a home run and a double into the vines before getting pulled. By the time the teams got into the clubhouses, the Cubs were on the business end of a 8-1 asskicking. Let’s get to this:


Mills had an “aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” night. He had the quality start through 6, then David Ross trusted him with the 7th, and Mills didn’t have it in the tank. Once we get to the postseason, hopefully Ross makes sure there’s a fresh arm in there.

Jason Heyward. He went 3-for-3 tonight, literally the only Cub who wore his hitting shoes.


Josh Osich and Duane Underwood Jr. Granted, Osich just came off the injured list, and Underwood hadn’t pitched since September 8, but neither of them could stop the carnage in the 7th inning, as 5 Twins crossed the plate in the frame. It turned a close game into a asswhipping.


The 1-5 spots in the Cubs batting order went a combined 0-for-19. Ian Happ struck out three more times, as he’s still a shell of what he was before hitting a foul ball into his own eye. Willson Contreras managed to get hit by a pitch and score the Cubs’ lone run.

But this is something that’s been an issue all year. When there are fans in the ballpark, you see an ocean of 17s, 44s, 12s, and 9s. This year, they’ve all been huge disappointments.

Check out these numbers for the month of September:

BRYANT: 231/322/308

RIZZO: 180/271/262

SCHWARBER: 122/271/455

BAEZ: 219/242/375

Guess what? Those are remarkably terrible numbers. The only reason the Cubs are sitting atop the National League Central is because every other team in the division has been god-awful. Sure, the Cubs’ pitching has been really good, but the Cubs don’t look to be spending too much time playing baseball in Texas in October without these four at least hitting their career levels. Hell, at least get close. But there’s nothing this season to indicate that’s going to happen.

Anyway, the magic number didn’t go anywhere tonight. Tomorrow night Yu Darvish goes for the Cubs. It should move then.

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