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Why Wheeler ?

Forgive me if I don’t understand the hype and disappointment at missing out on Zachery Wheeler. This isn’t Manny 2.0 or season 2 of True Detective. Ya Rick and co. out bid Philly but there are always going to be extenuating circumstances. Family in this case and as I saw on twitter when you factor in the state income taxes of Illinois and Penn the Philly deal was actually a tiny bit more lucrative. Crazy but there ya go.

All is not lost. Keep calm and sign a lefty.

 Zach Wheeler is 29
Dallas Keuchel will be 32 by opening day
Madison Bumgarner is 30

Age is negligible in my opinion depending on length of contract, Wheels got 5 years $118M. What will the other two get? Whatever a team is willing to pay, the Sox are willing they just need to do it.

WAR: Zach had a higher WAR than both Dallas and Madison in 2019. Career isn’t even close Zach trails both significantly. (advanced stats not your father’s baseball card backs).

WINS: MB & DK were .500 pitchers in 2019 while ZW was .579 (if my math is right (which it might not be). Wins are a team stat relying on teammates to score, out of pitchers control especially in the American League. So ya its here for your viewing pleasure.

ERA: Both MB & DK have a better career ERA and in 2019. Seems relevant to me.
K:  Wheeler had about 100 more strikeouts than DK but MB had more than ZW.
WHIP: MB has the best whip career and 2019 and While ZW was better than DK in 2019 it was by a tenth of a point.

STARTS: MB started more games followed by ZW and then DK. Obviously, the career starts are low for ZW as he is a Tommy John Surgery survivor. Some will say this means he has more left in his arm because he pitched less; I don’t know.

If you’re a stat head, or just want more data, or think I cherry picked the numbers just go to baseball reference and see for yourself.

Dallas Keuchel – Lefty

Born: 1/01/1988 (Age: 31) 32 by opening day 2020

WAR 2019 2.0 | Career 20.3

Cy Young | 2x All-Star | 2017 World Series | 4x Gold Glove

Madison Bumgarner – Lefty
Born: 8/01/1989 (Age: 30)
WAR 2019 2.8 | Career 37.1
4x All-Star | 3X World Series

Zach Wheeler – Righty

Born: 5/30/1990 (Age: 29)

WAR 2019 4.1 | Career 10.2

Oh, and both MB and DK are left-handed which is desperately needed in the Sox rotation not to mention their post season accomplishments so…
I ask again WHY Wheeler?
If it isn’t Cole or Strasburg then why worry. The South-Side baseball team needs at least one left-handed starting pitcher. My preference is Madison he’s got the pedigree but I like multiple lefties so sign up Dallas too maybe on another 1-year deal? Remember Dallas missed a third of last season waiting for a contract. He eventually signed a one-year $13M deal with Atlanta. I like what these two can do and have done. They solidify a young, talented core of right-handed power.
Rodon should be back by mid-season. If he is healthy and effective this is a plus. You can never have too much pitching right Rick? You can also never have too many left-handed pitchers either.

Too many?

Convinced? I don’t care. I need Rick to do it that thing he’s doing again and sign the pair ASAP. Then fill that RF hole possibly with another Cubano.

South-Side is Little Havana
Updated: December 7, 2019 — 9:09 am

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  1. They should definitely take MadBum so the cubs can’t even if they manage to dig up some salary fuds out of Rom Ticketts’ couch cushions

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