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Yu, again? Cubs 6, Covidorks 3

The Cubs did just enough to win this game. They pitched really well. They got a couple timely hits. The bullpen shut down the Cardinals when it had to but not without a speed bump.

There have been some pretty impressive pitching performances in the NL so far. The Reds have Gray and Castillo. Max Fried has been amazing. Dinelson Lamet has been great, as has The Professor. Yu Darvish has every bit as good and, arguably, the best of the lot.

The Good

Tuesday night is 10 dollar small pizza night at Serio on Belmont in Lakeview. I had a veggie with some prosciutto and garlic. It’s delicious pizza that I washed down with a couple of Golden Monkeys. Also, I’m dog sitting, so I got to hang out with a couple of doggos while watching the game.

Yu Darvish. 6IP, 7Ks. He scattered a bunch of hits and walked a man. He threw 98 pitches. His pitch velocity ranged from 70MPH to 98MPH. The one run he gave up took his ERA down to 1.80. He’s amazing. Anyone complaining about his contract can jump off a cliff.

David Ross’s dog, Maya.

Rizzo, Baez, Schwarber got on base 5 times tonight. And…Baez hit a 112 MPH-EV double immediately followed by a Schwarber 113 MPH-EV, 416 foot home run. That was fun. Someone should tell them to do that more often.

Ian Happ also hit a home run for the first run of the game and got on base 4 more times.

The Interesting?

According to Len & JD and the TV staff, the Cubs were at ~43% 3 true outcomes (Walk, K, HR) coming into tonight’s game.

The Bad

Well, to pick some nits. Rizzo, Baez and Schwarber struck out 7 times in 14 PAs tonight.

Cubs bullpen had a hiccup in the 8th. A couple walks by Casey Sadler and a hit given up by Dan Winkler gave the Cardinals a glimmer of hope before Rowan Wick shut that particular door.

The Ugly

Kris Bryant got a shot in his wrist and is out for a couple of days. That may or may not get him back on track. Maybe this is a mental break? Maybe he needs to swing his way out of it? Who knows?

Goldschmidt was 3-4 with a walk. He also struck out to end the game. He can pound sand.

Time of Game: Four hours, nine minutes. 9 innings.

The reaction of the the Padres “leadership” to Fernando Tatis’s grand slam on Monday night. In case you’re not aware, last night Tatis decided to swing at a 3-0 pitch, in the 8th inning, of a 10-3 game. He knocked that pitch to the right field bleachers. This led to a tongue lashing from Eric Hosmer in the dugout followed by being taken to the woodshed, in public, by his manager. That’s just all so damn lame. Tatis went out and got a couple hits today in a Padres win. Hosmer went 0-5 with 3 Ks and 6 men left on base.

Jose Oquendo.

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  1. Wait, Stubby Clapp is a first base coach? I thought it was something you get after a night of poor decisions in Wrigleyville?

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