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Yu. That’s it. That’s the Title. Cubs 4, Milwaukee 2.

Cubs won. Again. 4-2. They’re 13-3. Best record in MLB by a game and a half. I think. Math is hard,

Darvish threw 7 innings of 1 hit, 1 run ball. 104 pitches. According to Statcast, Darvish threw 7 different pitches tonight. There is an average velocity but that might be the most meaningless stat I could possible give you.

The Cubs have a total season run differential of +21. Their 3 losses are -21.

The Good

The play Bote made, in the shift, in the 9th was amazing. The Schwarber home run was pretty damn majestic. Happ got on base 3 more times.

The Cubs starters are really pitching well. Darvish did so many things well tonight. As mentioned, he threw 104 pitches over his 7 innings. He threw 55 cutters. They ranged in velocity from 79 to 93. He got 15 whiffs on those.

Darvish threw 14 of the 16 hardest pitches tonight. He also had the 3 lowest velocity pitches and and 5 out 9 slowest tosses. He allowed 3 balls in play with an exit velocity over 97MPH. That’s also really, really good. He dominated. That was really fun to watch.

Cubs starters have now given up just 19 walks in 95 IP. That’s really good.

The Bad


I guess Rizzo was 0-3 but he walked once. Still, he’s down to .222 and an .836 OPS. Wait…that OPS is still pretty good. Baez was 0-4. None of it mattered.

The Ugly

I dunno. The tag on the stolen base by Yelich in the first? Hoerner came out in front of the bag and…you know what? Javy has totally spoiled me on tag plays. Bryant wrist is sore and he didn’t play and there’s more than zero worry. But he hit the HR after he hurt the wrist, so…

Look. These guys are good. This season is weird and I’m nervous about the whole thing. But so much has been shitty this year (and since about 6 days after game 7 of the WS), that maybe it’s just time to enjoy the shit out of this while it’s happening. The Cubs have put themselves in excellent shape and no matter what happens next, this has been awesome.

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