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Yu’s At It Again. Cubs – 2; Sox – 1

The Cubs managed to salvage the final game of the weekend series with the White Sox behind another dominant performance by Yu Darvish. The Sox winning streak ends at 7 games.

The Good

This is getting predictable. Darvish went 7IP. 10Ks. 1BB. He induced 26! swinging strikes out of his 103 pitches. 73 of those 103 pitches were thrown for strikes. This is all despite looking like he didn’t quite have his best command. He missed on some pitches and the White Sox did manage 6 hits off him, including Jose Abreu’s 6th home run of the weekend.

As our buddy Apex says:

Kyle Schwarber bailed out the Cubs with his 2-run shot in the 6th. Javy Baez scorched a double in advance of the Schwarbomb. With the walk he drew Saturday, Baez has gotten on base 3 times in the last two games. It’s not earth-shattering but it trends well. Sure would be nice for him to get going.

Jeremy Jefress made everyone nervous in the 9th but got himself a 4-out save after walking the bases loaded.

Dylan Cease was good. He got his fastball into the high 90s most the day. His slider looked sharp, too, most of the time. But he also didn’t quite have good control, as the Cubs drew 3 walks in his 6IP. He made a good amount of mistakes but the Cubs just couldn’t take advantage of enough of them until the Schwarber home run.

The Bad

The Cubs were terrible with runners in scoring position…again. I want to look up the season stats but the hell with it. Trust me. They won today and I’m good with that. They got nothing in the 4th after with runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. Contreras grounded into a fielders choice when Yoan Moncada nailed Rizzo at the plate. He then managed to give away an out on the bases on a poor decision after the 1st pitch to Jason Heyward was in the dirt. The Cubs then were able to get nothing again in the 5th after loading the bases with nobody out, ending the inning on an Ian Happ double play ball.

I’m not sure if this deserves to be put in the bad column but Craig Kimbrel allowed two walks, including a 4-pitch walk to Yosmani Grendal in front of Abreu. He then managed to walk Abreu after coming back to a full count on a really good fastball that was about an inch too outside. Fortunately, this came after he struck out Tim Anderson and Moncada to start the inning. inning. He threw 19 pitches, 14 of them were curve balls. Jeremy Jeffress came in and bailed out Kimbrel by inducing a fly ball from Eloy Jimenez.

The Ugly

Kris Bryant’s wrist is apparently not at all good. That’s just really annoying. With the offense struggling, the 2015/2016 version of him needs to make a lengthy appearance. There is not yet a timetable for his return, so nothing is probably imminent.

The Cubs are now 4-7 in their last 11 after starting the year 13-3.

Jose Abreu’s beard.


The Cubs head to Detroit to start an 8-game road trip.

Just one more Tweet about Darvish to wrap this up:

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